Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff makes the department run smoothly.

Jodi Humpage
Operations Administrator
(804) 828-0104
Sanger 2-011
Administrative Duties
  • Personnel/Human Resource Administrator
  • International Visa Coordinator
  • Departmental Accounting Administrator
  • Assistant to Department Chair
  • Faculty start-up fund accounting
  • Sign credit card statements and timesheets for Faculty
  • Effort Reporting- professional and non-professional
  • Budget Management Student Funding/health insurance
  • Dean’s Office reporting
Gwen Murphy-Fells
Grant Administrator
(804) 828-9763
Sanger 2-011
Administrative Duties
  • Post-award Administration for Grants and Contracts
  • Pre-award Administration for Sponsored Programs-secondary contact
  • Faculty start-up fund accounting
  • Primary Timekeeper
Carmelda Fleming
Program Support Technician
(804) 828-9762
Sanger 2-011
Administrative Duties
  • Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Fixed Asset Custodian
  • eVA/Banner Receiving Trainer
  • Primary contact with VCU Accounts payable to reconcile discrepancies regarding unpaid invoices
  • Department receiver and first contact for banner receiving and invoice issues.
  • Order and maintain departmental keys.
  • Responsible for ensuring that office machines are in good working condition.
  • Assist Grant Administrator with monthly reporting, account reconciliation and payment issues
  • Coordinate Seminar Speaker visits
Michael Maceyka, Ph.D.
Pre-award Administrator
(804) 828-0224
Sanger 2-013
Administrative Duties
  • Pre-award Administration for Sponsored Programs - point of first contact
  • Post-award Administration for Sponsored Programs- compliance issues
  • Departmental Radiation, Chemical, and Biosafety Officer
  • Departmental T32 administrative assistant
  • Departmental IT administrator
  • Departmental Website Manager
  • Maintain departmental equipment.
  • Maintain access to card readers
  • Facilities & Space Manager