Cancer Research

The Cancer Research Group includes Drs. Spiegel, Sumitra Deb, Swati Deb, Fang, Larner, and Barton. These investigators are using molecular and biochemical tools to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis. The expertise of this group includes lipid signaling, the molecular biology of tumor suppessors and onocgenes, and the regulation of gene expression during development and tumorigenesis. Through their collective efforts, the members of this group have identified novel mediators that regulate the growth and death of cancer cells and begun to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of these mediators. It is hoped that this information will be useful for the design and implementation of more effective anti-cancer agents.

Dr. Keith Baker

Dr. William Barton

Dr. Charles Chalfant

Dr. Sumitra Deb

Dr. Swati Deb

Dr. Paul Dent

Dr. Frank Fang

Dr. Andrew Larner

Dr. Sarah Spiegel