Lipid signaling and metabolism

The members of the bioactive lipid signaling and metabolism group, Drs. Gil, Fang, Kordula, Larner, and Spiegel are using biochemical and molecular approaches to further understand metabolism and the functions of bioactive lipids in health and disease. New and unexpected biological functions, biosynthetic pathways and receptors are being revealed for lipids and metabolites as appreciation of their complex interactions with protein and DNA increases. Bioactive lipid mediators are now recognized to regulate a broad swath of biology from inflammation to allergy, immunity, cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and more are being uncovered at an expanding rate. Expansion of our understanding of metabolism and the role of lipid mediators affords the opportunity for novel therapeutics.

Dr. Keith Baker

Dr. Charles Chalfant

Dr. Frank Fang

Dr. Gregorio Gil

Dr. Tomek Kordula

Dr. Andrew Larner

Dr. Sheldon Milstien

Dr. Sarah Spiegel